Aug 11, 2009

A little bit of history ...

My goal for this blog will be to focus on my new and upcoming cupcake projects. However, I would also like to take this opportunity to show off some of my past cupcake creations.  And so, what better place to begin then with my very first cupcake project!

I made this for a birthday party for two friends of mine celebrating at the same time, back in September 2007 - this was way before I really got the cupcake baking itch! The Betty cupcakes were vanilla and the Veronica cupcakes were chocolate ...

Needless to say Veronica won the eating contest!

Fast-forward now to Fall 2008, when I really started to explore my baking skills. My love for baking really started out of two reasons: 1) I was too broke to buy my friends/family gifts so I baked them gifts instead and 2) Dah, who doesnt love sweets goodies to eat!

Here are just a few of those "gifts" and special occassion treats I made ...


Autumn Leaves - Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate molded leaves and caramel hazelnuts; design inspired from the book Hello, Cupcake!

Corn-on-the-Cob cupcakes - vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with various yellow jelly beans, black and white sugar and a yellow starburst; design inspired from the book Hello, Cupcake!

Orange Dream - orange chocolate cupcakes, they were amazing and the design is my own.

Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcakes, my own design - used cocktail glasses to display the cupakes with fresh strawberries and candy lime slices
Made for my friend's son 2nd birthday, design idea inspired from the book Hello, Cupcake!

Cupcake Cake - Chocolate coated coconut cupcakes on top of a yellow cake designed to look like a flowered pot, made for mother's day; my own design. It was my first experiment with fondant as well, which I made myself ... it all worked out well until I tried to transport the cake on the train - NOT a good idea!

Strawberry white chocolate cupakes, delicious!

Cookies 'n' Cream cupcakes ... yes they tasted as amazing as they sound!
"Forres-tree" cupcakes, made for a friend doing his PhD in Forrestry, the cupcakes were chocolate vegan flavour with green chocolate leaves; my own design.

30 chocolate vegan cupcakes for my best-friends 30th birthday; my own design - each cupcake represents an element of her on her birthday.


  1. you sure do like making cupcakes!
    the little gingerbread one is adorable.

  2. Thanks! Those were a lot of fun to make :)