Sep 20, 2009

Great White North

Lately I've been thinking about some of my own flavour creations, despite my amateur skills, I'm already thinking big!  So, what got the ball rolling? I started with the inspiration from my Dragon boat team's regatta, Great White North, and created this flavour combination in honour of that event.

The flavour here is: White chocolate and Maple. I used white chocolate chips, maple extract and syrup to capture this combo.  The icing is also maple flavoured.  Still working on perfecting this batch. The first couple of tests were quite sweet and dense, so I added ginger to add a mild but spicy flare to the mix.  Regardless of my perfectionism all batches I made were winners among my teammates - they loved them!

P.S. Miracle Dragons kicked some serious butt during GWN - Go team go!


  1. I love this creation u have here-u are no amatuer but a natural (inborn) cupcake baker-love all ur creations Sarah-havent found the recipes though.

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments!

    No, I didn't start posting recipes until now because I always followed recipe books but I suppose I should have for this one especially since I created it, guess I was waiting to perfect it first :)