Sep 6, 2009


Nothing can go wrong when you pair chocolate and peanut-butter - at least in my experience.   This is the second time I've made these babies and they always taste fantastic, rich, creamy and oh so peanut-buttery!

In know that peanut-butter and chocolate was an amazing flavour combination I started thinking, what other combinations would work (besides the obvious, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate orange, etc.) ... I wanted to try and re-create a childhood favourite cookie using marshmallows and graham cracker cookie crumbs to create: Chocolate marshmallow cupcakes.

The idea was there and in theory the recipe did work, though most of the cupcake's marshmallows collapsed during the baking process.  However, the flavour (according to many friendly sources) was amazing nonetheless!  The marshmallow made the chocolate flavoured cupcakes extra goouy! The cupcake bottoms were made up of the graham crumbs but they crumbled as soon as the paper liners were torn off - could go without next time.

Lesson 1 - make sure the marshmallows are fully covered by cupcake batter before baking.

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  1. Hi Sara-Lyn; I have to say that whatever I was expecting from an "I Bake Cupcakes" blog, this wasn't it. This is FANTASTIC! I love what you're doing' put a big smile on my face to know that there are people out there having so much fun and so creatively contributing to our world! LOVE it!