Oct 11, 2009

Autumn Angel Cakes

For thanksgiving weekend 2009 with the family I wanted to make a light, "healthier" cupcake especially since I've also been training more and trying to watch my sugar intake.  I made Angel food cupcakes that had just a hint of maple flavour and topped with maple flavoured homemade icing and a hand-made candy acorn (inspired by Hello, Cupcake! made using a caramel candy, chocolate icing and chocolate jimmies).  They were a tiny but a tasteful little treat!


  1. I swear I just can NOT get an angel food cake to turn out right! They always taste good, but look awful!

  2. Hi Paige!

    I think the thing to remember is they don't rise very much like a regular cupcake would. So, if you want them a certain height you have to pretty much fill the liners close to that height, make sense?

    At least I noticed that with mine, they actually came out quite small but cute and yummy! :)