Nov 6, 2009

Autumn's 2nd Birthday with Dora and friends!

My best-friend's daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday November 1st and I was so excited when she asked me to bake her cake, which is maybe the best gift I could give her!

The theme was all of her favourite cartoon characters and animals: Dora, Kai Lan, Elmo, Little Bear, Ruby and Max, and cat and dog faces.

The lesson I learned: stick to one character or animal theme! As enjoyable as it was to make all of their faces and have a variety of colours, it turned out to be a lot more work then I anticipated.  Fortunately for me, I'm an excellent planner and organizer so it worked out okay in the end even though, unfortunately for me, I am also a perfectionist which is why it probably took me longer then it would most people.

A 5-tier Cupcake tower and the birthday girl enjoying her birthday Cup"cakes"


When all was said and done everyone loved the cupcakes, especially the kids. I kept the flavours simple: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate-chocolate chip and Lemon Buttermilk (which in my opinion, were the best ones!)

Cupcake Top: Autumn Garden

The center cupcakes were very special: Chocolate flavoured with chocolate peanut butter cups baked inside, topped with chocolate buttercream icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Poor Elmo ... after the cupcake massacre!


  1. Sarah you did a fantastic job,we all 30 of us enjoyed every bite yummy, yummy.Can hardly wait till next year to do it again.Your the bestest!
    Lov Autumn's MEME

  2. Wow you did a fantastic job! They all look great! ;D

  3. Oh wow!That is such a huge amount of work. Fantasttic job!