Nov 1, 2009

Monster Mash

For as long as I can remember Halloween has always been one of my most favorite times of the year; it's a time when I've always felt most inspired to be creative, not only with my Halloween costumes but with my baking.  So when a friend asked me to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for a kid's party I jumped at the chance!

I wanted to create 24 individual little monster faces for the little "monsters" which allowed me to get creative with different monster faces - though, I did do a little research for inspiration - thank you Martha Stewart!

The cupcake flavours made: Banana Strawberry and Cookies 'n' Cream. They were a big hit among the kids and the adults.


  1. Olá vou escrever em português para exercitares a língua mãe dos pais.
    Quero dizer que gostei da ideia dos queques (cupcakes) temáticos do halloween.


    Tiago Fraga (Açores)

  2. great job!!! that is awesome!!! and made it with halloween topics was the best idea!! all of them are pretty nice!!