Dec 18, 2009

My Sister's Birthday Cupcake Cake

I love baking for my family and friends, especially when a special event like a birthday comes up, it's a wondeful time to get creative and make something special for that person.

So every year I like to make a birthday cake for my sister as part of her gift from me.  This year I made a cupcake birthday cake for her and because she is a dancer, I of course went with a "dance" and "music" theme.

The Design

My design was inspired by the amazing work I've seen on the Sugar Bloom Cupcakes website.
I used the colour blue for the month of December and it's also her favourite colour. I wanted to keep the design elegant and somewhat simple using white and blue icing and fondant, white sugar flowers, silver balls and a pair of fondant molded dance shoes for decoration.

I added the music bars and notes with black icing to represent music.

The Flavour

I made two different cupcakes, one I was already baking, which was the Key lime & Coconut cupcakes I used for the Cupcake Hero contest and the other was a Vegan Lemon cupcake.

The Result

I'm getting better at handling fondant - yay!  Everyone loved the design, the flavour and thought the shoes were adorable ... and they were fun to make, you know, after the fourth try!

Love you sis!

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  1. Wowowow,every cuppy cake is no....alive & kicking gorgeous.....
    These are so so dang cute...hope i come somewhere evn a wee bit near with ur inspirational blog .....