Jan 8, 2010

Books that Inspire My Cupcake Creations

The many cupcake flavours and creations I've come up with over the last couple of years didn't just appear out of thin air, even though I would like to think I am that creative, I did have much help from some very talented people.  Though I do come up with most of my creative cupcake ideas I have had to do a lot of reading, rearch and magazine browsing to get where I am today.

Though coming up with original cupcake recipes, that work, is another issue ... so I'd like to share with you some of my favourite cupcake recipe books that have helped me along:

Books that inspire me ...

by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson
This book has inspired my many creative cupcake ideas and I have also tried out many of the designs from this book including the Corn-on-the-cob cupcakes and Autumn Leaves Wreath (see my earlier post, 'A Little Bit of History ...')

by Julie Hasson
I absolutely love this book! Have made many cupcake recipes out of it so far and look forward to trying out a lot more.  I have found that her recipes are the easiest to subsitute, for example if you need to make something gluten-free or vegan, her recipes are easy to follow and easy to adjust accordingly.

500 Cupcakes
by Fergal Connolly
Perhaps my second favourite cupcake recipe book to date, there are a lot of recipes in this book but what I like most about it is the variety of icing and buttercream recipes that come with each cupcake, which truly makes the flavour for most of them.

by Martha Stewart
I just got this book for Christmas from Simon and I already have a feeling it's going to be my most favourite cupcake recipe book ever!  I already had a chance to explore it before I owned a copy and loved it then.  There are sooooooo many recipes I already want to try out!  Thank you Simon ;)

My first Inspired Cupcake of the year comes from Martha Stewart's book and the recipe is:

Date-Nut Mini Cupcakes

I made these after my wonderful holiday weekend but made a couple of changes; I decorated them with some left over royal icing I had instead of crème fraiche which Martha suggests and I also made them with gluten-free flour instead of all-purpose flour.

For 2010, I have been very inspired to try using gluten-free flour in all of my baking, especially my cupcakes!

Here is a fantastic gluten-free flour recipe I found online (and used for these cupcakes) and has been working splendidly:

- 2 cups white rice flour
- 2/3 cup potato starch flour
- 1/3 cup tapioca flour
- 1 tsp xanthan gum

Combine all ingredients well and store in an air-tight container.

Here is the link to a great website where I found the recipe: Ellen's Kitchen


  1. Excellent and fantastic collection of books again-good enough for me to day dream and run around a few book store around despite knowing that they'll have none...

  2. I LOVE the Martha Stewart book. The recipes are fantastic and the photography really makes you want to bake. The only hang up I've had was when I tried the tres letches cupcakes. I didn't use all of the milk mixture she suggested and the cake was soggy (she promised it wouldn't be). The whole thing was kind of a bummer because I wanted to bring them to a Mexican food themed pot luck.

    But overall, fantastic book!

  3. Hey I'm wondering if you have a gluten intolerance because I see you make some gluten-free cupcakes which is great.

  4. Hey Michelle!

    I don't actually but know people who do or who don't eat gluten at all so I've been inspired myself to try a gluten-free diet this year ... we'll see how it goes though, I love cereal to much to give it up! lol

  5. The Martha Stewart book is amazing! Actually, I remember reading a comment by Martha, she says something like you should always follow a recipe exactly as written the first time you do it and then alter it later :)

    Sorry the cake didn't work out ... maybe her recipes are tricky that way.