Jan 1, 2010

In the Year 2010, the ice age returned ...

Well okay, the ice age hasn't really returned but it has been mighty cold here in Ontario, Canada and with spending my new year's eve weekend up north with Simon I was inspired to bake some snowflake and ice cupcakes for him and his family.  I call these Snow and Ice cupcakes.

The cupcakes were Gluten-free Cranberry Lemon flavour, a recipe I have already made before but altered to be gluten-free and they came out fantastic! You woulnd't even tell the difference.  They were just as light and flaky as a regular cupcake. 

The Topping: Vanilla buttercream icing dyed blue with sprinkled white sugar and crushed clear mints on top; the snowflakes were made of fondant, white sugar and meringue.

Huntsville, ON

The first thing that comes to mind now when I think of Huntsville is peaceful and beautiful. It's quite a calm and picturesque kind of town, the perfect spot to get away from hectic Toronto city life, a great  little escape.

It's been wonderful spending time here, just relaxing by the fire, getting to know Simon's family, playing with the dogs and trying out a little winter sport ... that's right, believe it or not Simon got me to ski! For those of you who know me I am not a fan of winter, snow or cold and have therefore never really explored winter sports. 

However, when Simon suggested that we would be cross-country skiing I was excited at the new challenge and thought 'why not, could be fun' and perhaps 2010 should be a year for trying new things and overcoming old childhood fears. It had been almost 20 years since I even touched a ski or let alone attempted to strap one to my foot.

My Experience: It was a lot more work then I thought which was great, a good workout indeed and definitely a lot of fun, you know, despite falling on my butt a dozen times :)

And my nearly 8 month-old pup Scarlet loved playing the open fields of snow!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy Baking!


  1. fantastic cuppy's here..brite new year to ya filled with loads of buttery goodness and chocolate sprinkles and meringue fondants....

  2. Hapy new year Sarah! See you soon!!!

  3. Heya thanks for the subscription & Happy New Year! I'll be sure to read up on your site later tonight when I'm at home.

  4. Hi... I stumbled across your blog and found these beautiful cupcakes. I have a blog dedicated to only cute cupcakes called cutecupcakesallthetime.blogspot.com and we've featured these on our site with a back link to you. These snowflake cupcakes are really awesome!

  5. Thanks! That is awesome ... I will check out your blog too :)