Feb 12, 2010

Good Luck to All the Amazing Olympic Athletes!

In honour of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games I created some cupcakes inspired by this year's mascots.  These little guys were just too cute not to turn into cupcakes!

I kept the recipe simple, baked vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes, which I gave to friends to enjoy because I didn't make them gluten-free.  I spent more time on the design and decoration for each cupcake. For the characters faces I used a combination of: fondant, caramel candy, starbursts, fruit chews, mm's, piped icing, and colored sugar.

Working on Sumi, early stages.  I actually coloured my cupcake batter orange before baking - don't ask! lol ... had plans to do something else with them but that didn't happen.

So, who are the characters?

An animal spirit who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. Like many Canadians, Sumi's background is drawn from many places. He wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear.

A young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada. Quatchi is shy, but loves to explore new places and meet new friends.

A young sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod, beyond Vancouver Island, near Tofino, British Columbia. Sea bears are part killer whale and part bear.


Good Luck to Our Canadian Olympic Athletes!

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  1. Awesome! My little boy loves them. I featured them on http://cutecupcakesallthetime.blogspot.com/ !

  2. Aw these are great!! The Olympic characters are so cute!!

  3. These are beyond awesome! I love coming and checking out your blog and seeing what you come up with! Keep up this amazing work! :)

  4. Thank you Melissa, very sweet of you to say :)