Feb 5, 2010

Mo Cupcakes for a Midlife Man

A good friend of mine recently celebrated his 40th birthday Mo and Fro style and in honour of his birthday I made 40 cupcakes, 36 of which were stylin' their own little mustache.  I didn't include the fro cause these guys were just too cute just as is.

Half the batch were Devil's food cake flavour and the other batch were called 'Blondies' - I just had to make blondies because the party was held at a bar in Toronto called Blondies! Too perfect.

I found the recipe in Martha Stewart's fantastic cupcake book (you can find the recipe here).  In my recipe, however, I used a combination of toffee bits, butterscotch chips and cashews instead of toffee bars.

Either way, these cupcakes were a big hit with everyone! They especially liked how each one had a mustache, which I added using blacking icing and pina colada flavoured Jelly Beans.

Here they are all together.  I reserved four cupcakes to write 'Happy 40th Birthday Jonathan' but the message got a little smudged.

Jonathan even managed to find a cupcake that mached his style!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I also need to thank all my wonderful friends and family for voting for me, I Bake Cupcakes, in the Iron Cupcake Earth Challenge - I WON!!


  1. Those are freakin' awesome!


  2. Haha these are great!! So funny and congrats on Iron Cupcake! :)

  3. Hi, ive just come across your blog.
    What a great idea the mustache cupcakes are! Funny too.
    And congrats on winning the Iron Cupcake comp! The cupcakes you entered are pretty amazing.


  4. Thank you or all the comnpliments Rose, very sweet of you!


    Stay tuned this week I'll have Olympic Inspired cupcakes! :)