Mar 5, 2010

Cupcakes are a Girls Best Friend

Jewellery Inspired Cupcakes for a Jewellery Party with the girls!

The Recipe: Banana Chocolate Chip

The Cupcakes: Covered in coloured vanilla or dark chocolate fondant, silver/gold/pearl hard candies, mint candies, and handmade sugar flowers.

I love dark chocolate fondant, which is what this cupcake is covered with, it smells and tastes way better then regular fondant.  I created a line of pearls (like a string of pearls) with sugar candy and white fondant.

I got the idea from The Blushing Bakeshop's Fashion themed cupcakes on flickr, which inspired me to create my jewellery themed cupcakes.

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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous. I gotta say the blue and silver are my faves!

  2. Thanks Paige!

    hmm, perhaps the colour is off, the blue looking ones are actually deep royal purple, but either way still look good I guess :)

  3. I agree cucpakes are a girls best friend :) these look beautiful :)