Mar 9, 2010

Early Spring for a Birthday Boy

A friend of mine asked me to bake birthday cupcakes for her son's 3rd birthday with a special request: gluten-free!  I am loving the fact that I can make the same yummy, fluffy cupcakes for people but gluten-free and they can hardly tell the difference.  I also made them dairy-free!

The Design
Took my seemingly simple gf/df vanilla cupakes with vegan vanilla icing and turned them into a "day at the park" theme.  I organized the 12 cupcakes into the number three for the birthday boy then decorated the top half as the grassy park and bottom half as the duck pond.

Ingredients + tools Used 
- Green coloured icing
- blue coloured icing
- Decorating Tip 233 by Wilton
- spatula
- gum paste + food colouring for the ducks, turtles, lady bug, and flowers
- purple melting chocolate for the 'Happy Birthday Zico' sign

Mother duck with ducklings.
Turtle among the flowers.
Lady bug in the grassy park.
Papa Duck?
I just love the lady bug! Have always wanted to do this.  The idea was inspired, yet again, by Martha Stewarts Cupcakes book.
It was confirmed - everyone loved the cupcakes!

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  1. Aw these are so cute :) i cant wait to start making my Easter Cuppycakes :)