Mar 30, 2010

What To Make for a Kid Who Doesn't Like Cake?

Answer: Rice Krispie Animal Cupcakes!
For a 7-year-old birthday girl I made Rice Krispie animal cupcakes, revisiting some familiar animal faces I made in the past and creating some new ones like a turtle, koala. penguin and more!


Rice Krispie Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate mm's
(original recipe from Mom's Just Know)

1/4 cup margarine or butter
1 pkg (250 g) marshmallows
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
1 cup dark chocolate mm's candy

1. Butter a standard size muffin tin, do not use cupcake liners at this point.
2. In large saucepan over low heat, melt margarine. Add marshmallows; stir until melted and well blended.
3. Remove from heat.  Stir in vanilla if using it.
5. Using lightly-buttered spatula (and your hands), scoop a bunch of the mixture into a standard size muffin tin, molding the mixture to fit the "cupcake" cup.
6. Cool to set. Remove from tin.
7. Add cupcake liners to each rice krispie cupcake.

*I foolishly forgot to take pictures of the finished cake product! However, I'm sure I'll make these again one day and will make sure to get some good photos of the rice krispie cupcakes next time.

Here are the animals I created and what I used to create them:

Brown Bear: Chocolate buttercream, chocolate wafers, caramel candy, black icing, marshmallow and chocolate covered raisin for the nose.
Elephant: Blue and white icing, blue melting wafers, banana Runts candy, marshmallow and chocolate covered raisin eyes.
Giraffe: Tan colored icing, yellow chocolate wafer, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, caramel candies, marshmallow and black icing.
Hippo: Pink icing, pink starburst candy, cinnamon hearts, marshmallows, black icing, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Koala Bear: Gray-green icing, jelly bean (nose), red chocolate wafer, marshmallow, chocolate chips and white icing.
Lion: Yellow icing, blue mm, yellow chocolate wafer, red string licorice, chocolate covered raisin, Runts strawberry candy, and black icing.
Monkey: Chocolate buttercream, chocolate wafers, red string licorice, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate sprinkles, white icing, black icing and chocolate chip (eyes).
Panda Bear: White buttercream, chocolate wafers, chocolate covered raisin, chocolate chips and black icing.
Penguin: White buttercream, dark chocolate fondant, orange starburst candy, white melting wafer, and black icing.
Tiger: Orange icing, black icing, green mm, Runts strawberry candy, and orange chocolate wafers.
Turtle: Green icing, white chocolate wafers, blue mm, blacking icing, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.
Zebra: White icing, pink starburst candy, black icing, marshmallows, black jelly candy, and teeth gummie candy.

Happy Birthday Ashley !


  1. What kid doesn't like cake??!!!! Haha. But these are super cute!

  2. lol, I know ... she loves ice cream cake or rice krispies. I guess with those choices, cake loses out!

    I think as adults we've gotten over that and will just eat anything that's sweet ;)

  3. Too cute! I especially like the Panda and the Penguin!!


  4. Fantastic job Sarah! I'm especially fond of the Turtle and Koala!

  5. Oh my gosh you just blew my mind. They sound very tasty and are ridiculously cute. It's really hard to choose my favourite one. (maybe the tiger or the turtle or the monkey)
    Anyway these are amazing, madam.


  6. LOL! Thank you Ola!!

    Hope to make it and see you at our next meet up :)

  7. LOVE these!!! The zebra with the teeth is hysterical!!!

  8. My great neice is allergic and can not eat cake, my daughter always gives her rice krispie treats and the rest of the kids cake but I am sending this on to my neice so when Bryanna has a birthday she can make these, I also work with an autistic boy and he hates cake, I think it may be the texture so this is a keeper for me. Thanks. Joan