Apr 2, 2010

Easter Beach Brunch with Good Friends

Picture from Kaphoto

First I feel the need to preface by saying, in Canada, or more accurately, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the winter months can get so bloody cold here that any first signs of warmer temperatures is reason enough for us to dress down to our bare minimum (shorts and bikini tops), drag our hibernated bodies to what we call the "beach" and play some beach volleyball with good friends and good food!

This long weekend temperatures are expected to reach a high of 25C (77F) in Toronto so we're doing just that, enjoying ourselves with an early Easter/Beach Volleyball Brunch Gathering!

What did I bring ... cupcake of course and muffins!

Mini Blackberry Coconut cupcakes to be exact but
I got the original recipe from 500 Cupcakes, page 29.
Please visit Besides Cupcakes to see the muffins I made.

Happy Easter Long Weekend!

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