Apr 20, 2010

My Cupcake Hero: Karen Tack

Many people have their heroes and/or heroines.  I myself have at least one person who inspires me in some way for every discipline or activity I set out to do and accomplish or for every creative passion I have.  Some are close friends, family or famous folks.   So, when it comes to cupcakes, hands-down, there is no other who inspires me more then Karen Tack!

This woman is the cupcake whisperer!  This weekend I bought her latest book What's New, Cupcake? one word: AMAZING!...

It is truly unbelievable what she can do with just some cupcakes, icing, food colouring, and a plethora of candies at her disposal.  Here are just a few examples of her work from both of her books:

Here are a few examples of cupcakes I created inspired by her designs in Hello, Cupcake!:

And with the right inspiration, a lot of practice and a very creative mind, I have also come up with my own design ideas over the years:

Lime in the Coconut - Cocount Cupcakes

Apple Tree - Spicy Chocolate Apple Cupcake

Dragonboat Race - Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

I look forward to all the new and exciting cupcake creations I can do with her new book  ... stay tuned!

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