May 14, 2010

I ♥ You Dean Winchester!

Who is Dean Winchester? Only the dreamiest, yummiest, hottest heart throb on television! At least I think so ... yes, I'm a dork but I don't care because I absolutely LOVE the CW television series Supernatural and I know there's cult following out there who's with me on this lol!

In honour of the amazing season 5 finale I came up with some Supernatural themed cupcakes and shared them with my fellow fans of the show.

Angels & Demons Cupcake
A wonderful cupcake designed in a way to portray the shows overall theme: the bottom half is devils food cake oozing with red glaze and the top half is angel food cake topped off with light, fluffy whipped icing.

The devils food cake recipe I got from Martha Stewart Cupcakes book and the Angel food cake recipe is from the website Gluten-Free Mommy.

I was pleasantly surprised that this recipe worked! I baked the devils food cake for about 5 minutes, took them out of the oven then added the angel food cake batter and baked them for another 20 minutes.  The batter bound together very well and taste amazing together!

Dean Winchester: Tough Angel
Angel food cake dipped and covered in dark chocolate.

I found a great Angel Food Cake recipe at Gluten-Free Mommy. I used this recipe for all the cupcakes here.

Dean has a tough guy exterior but is really a softy, lovable, good-guy on the inside who truly wants to do the right thing and besides that, he is also the Arch Angel Micheal's vessel.  This cupcake is designed to match Dean's soft on the inside but hard on the outside image.

Sam Winchester: The Demon Inside
Angel food cake with a dark chocolate covered almond center

Same recipe used as above link topped with vanilla butter cream icing.
With his baby face and angel eyes Sam appears to be pure and tries his best to do the right thing but he has a darkness inside him that even he can't always control.  Sam's struggle is not allowing the darkness to take over him even though he is Lucifer's vessel.  Sam is soft on the outside but has a dark, demonic inside.

This cupcake is like this, Angel food cake with a chocolate covered almond to create a hard center.

Castiel: Angel on your Shoulder
Angel food cake with dark chocolate wings, whipped icing and a blue candy bow tie

What can I say about Castiel expect that I love him and he's awesome!  The best portrayal of any angel on television in my opinion. Castiel helps the humans and has felt doubt about his Father's orders but like a good soldier he always obeyed ... until now.  He is heaven's rebellious Angel in a trench coat and tie.

Angel food cake, dark chocolate wings, butter cream icing and a fruit chew tie.

Last but certainly not least (though I don't have cupcake for him) we have Bobby Singer:  The boy's only father figure, the voice of reason and he works to keep the Winchester's on the right path.

Stay tuned for Season 6 of Supernatural a.k.a the hottest guys on television!


  1. You my dear, are just as perfectly nerdy as I am :) These look fantastic!! The Castiel one is awesome...

    Matt :)

  2. Woowww what a good idea, basing cupcakes on a show. ive never seen supernatural before but ive heard its meant to be really really good!

  3. love the interplay between great tv and great cake!

  4. This almost brought me to tears. I'm vegan and a HUGE supernatural fan! I saw this in the depths of google images while looking up 'Castiel' and I was amazed and so happy when it turned out to be vegan!! I created a post on Tumblr with the image, I hope you don't mind. I added the source and links to your blog! Your cupcakes look amazing and the best part is that they're vegan!! I LOVE YOU.
    Here's the post:

  5. Thanks Erica for your very sweet, kind words!

    Yes today I am vegan but sadly, I admit, when I made these they were not vegan, haven't been able to find a good vegan angel food cake equivalent yet.

    My latest entries, I would say from Fall 2010 onward are primarly vegan based and today I only bake vegan.

    Thanks for the post! :)

  6. That's so lovely post. Love to read it.