May 4, 2010

It's a Girl! Baby Shower Cupcakes for a new Mom

Just in time for mother's day and new mother is celebrating her her first baby girl!  For the occasion I made her White cupcakes (recipe from Martha Stewarts Cupcakes book) with vanilla buttercream icing and many decorative added touches.

I called the display The Baby Garden ... watch it grow:

Baby stroller using two regular cupcakes and four mini cupcakes.
Baby rattles: Buttercream, sprinkles, fruit chews and white chocolate.
Sleeping Babes: Buttercream icing, fruit chews, heart candies and pearl sugar candies.
Sleeping Babe detail: I used the top of a mini cupcake for the baby's face.
It's a Girl! Cupcakes with letters - the idea was the make them look like letter blocks.
More flowers for the baby garden: Mini white cupcakes with pink buttercream and a yellow jelly candy
The complete Baby Garden
The final touch: Stars with love Cupcakes.

Congratulations Celana and Shaun!


  1. Congrats to them! These cupcakes are so great, im making cupcakes for a baby shower soon i cant wait hehe :D

  2. Great job, Sarah!

    Just looking at the pictures made me feel, bubbly, and giddy! They look fantastic and VERY yummy!