Jun 22, 2010

Oozing with Chocolately Caramel and Cookie Goodness

Made these bad boys for a friends birthday.  The request: the chocolatiest, most loaded cupcake I can make ... butter, sugar, chocolate, caramel ... the works!  I made this special one for the birthday girls pus a few others.

The Topping: Chocolate chip cookie, mini mm's & toffee bits
The Cream: Vanilla buttercream
The Cake: Chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with a melted caramilk chocolate inside

After the cupcakes were done baking I immediately sliced each one open and dropped a caramilk chocolate inside so that it would melt but not get hard.
Chocolate chocolate chip cupcake, vanilla buttercream and a caramlk chocolate
Chocolate chocolate chip, vanilla buttercream and mini mm's
Chocolate chocolate chip, vanilla buttercream and toffee bits

Happy Birthday Andrea & Lisa!


  1. These look awesome!

  2. That is serious cupcake INSANITY! I love it!

  3. As the birthday girl.. who did not do a good job of sharing her cupcakes, these were delicious...SOOO good.