Aug 13, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last weekend my best friend of 21 years got married to the love of her life! It was a beautiful ceremony and a fantastic day for all who were there.  I was fortunate to not only be part of the wedding party but I also got to make their wedding cupcake tower.
The tower consisted of three flavours: chocolate with vanilla buttercream and red fondant, toasted coconut with buttercream and coconut flakes (the groom's favourite) and angel food cake with vanilla buttercream (the bride's favourite).

I designed each flavour differently, to tell them apart.  I also make a chocolate/coconut layered cake topper, with fondant adorned with handmade sugar flowers and silver candy balls.
I was inspired by the last wedding I did (Alana and Blair's) to use a monogram letter for their last name initial, which worked out great cause before or after the ceremony they both started with 'W.'

Making the fondant flowers.  Found a tutorial or something online on how to do this but can't remember where now.
Congratulations Ronna and Stephan!


  1. Holy shitbats S-L, that cake is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful Job!!! Amazing cupcakes!!! I'm sure it was super sweet, because it was made by such a dear friend. What an original cake!
    From; Janice ;-)