Aug 27, 2010

Viva la Mexican Birthday Cupcakes

I couldn't pass up the chance to create Mexican themed birthday cupcakes for a friend.  Too many ideas but too little time, however, with the time I did have after my best friend's wedding I created these cupcakes.  The cupcakes above are a "Mexican desert," adorned with desert flowers, rocks, grass and cactus made from fondant.  The "sand" was created using graham wafer crumbs.

For these next few cupcakes I got an idea from this fantastic website, The Decorated Cookie, which inspired me to draw on the white fondant covered cupcakes with food coloring pens.  It was so cool.  The idea: I wanted to created traditional Mexican crafted dishes that are usually sold by street vendors.

Flowers and chili peppers.
These faces were inspired by masks from The Day of the Dead celebrations.
Mexican festivals and fiestas are filled with vibrant colours and luscious flowers, which was the inspiration for these cupcakes.
Multicolored buttercream with fondant roses.  The cupcake: Gluten-free chocolate.
For the Birthday Girl!


  1. What an incredible effort you've gone to! All of these look fantastic! I want to try the multicoloured butter cream! OMG!

  2. Thank you! They were fun to make too :)