Sep 24, 2010

National Cupcake Week Birthday Finale

Chocolate vegan cake with smarties (non-vegan) with chocolate buttercream with white and red handmade sugar flowers.  I made these for a friend for her birthday and to wrap up my national cupcake week/end.

Needless to say they were a huge hit, everyone loved them especially the birthday girl!

I made the flowers using white and red fondant and shimmering red and silver candy balls.

These cupcakes were rich, chocolaty and oh so gooey - amazing!

Celebrating a Golden Birthday:
12 on the 12th

I just had to show this one off.  I made this cupcake / birthday cake for my niece this year who was of course turning 12 on September 12th.  The party theme was Musical theatre and so the cake was meant to be a Broadway theatre sign with "neon lights" surrounding it, her name "lit up" and the title of the "show."

It got rave reviews!

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