Oct 1, 2010

Monster Cupcake Countdown to Halloween!

Popped Eye Bob 

Anyone who knows me well will know that I absolutely freakin' love Halloween! It's such a fun time of year for so many reasons - the baking, decorating, costumes, creativity, magic and mystery, the history - it's all so fantastic and interesting to me and, I can't forget of course the baking.

I'm also a huge fan of dressing up (and as I write this I have already planned two costumes this year). It's the one time of year when you can freely be or dress as anything you want without having people think your a mental patient.

So in honour of my favourite time of year (yes, I love it WAY more then Christmas) I am posting a monster cupcake for each day to countdown to the big day! It's my version of a Christmas advent calendar only cooler and with cupcakes!


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