Nov 5, 2010

Celebrate Life with Sweet Flowers

Before it gets too cold out (Canadian winter is coming, we can feel it already) enjoy some gorgeous flower cupcakes - a bouquet made for a friend's friend to celebrate life!  The red roses were made with sour jube jube candies.

Flowers made with various sized marshmallows, coloured sugar, icing, white fondant, yellow jelly beans and the leaves made with green chocolate.

Sunflower cupcakes made with yellow icing and chocolate covered raisins.

Most of the flower designs were inspired by Karen Tack's book What's New Cupcake?

My flower bouquet design and the final product.  Always a great feeling when my ideas come together.

Cupcake bouquet of Spring flowers.

When diligently working away on these cupcakes, and like some projects in my past, accidents occasionally happen - like spilling nearly an entire bag of candies on the floor.



  1. How gorgeous! It's just too pretty to think about eating it! I love it!

  2. Wow, you really went to town on these! You did a spectacular job, they look lovely :)

  3. They were a big hit and absolutely delish!! Everyone at the event was snapping photos and raving about them, and my friend who was celebrating life after many life changes including being 5years cancer free!!!! was delighted by them!
    Thanks again Sarah for another incredible edible creation!!

  4. OMG Sarah these look amazing! You are so talented!

  5. This is the most gorgeous cupcake bouquet I have ever seen. Beautiful job!

  6. How would you do this? Whenever I try this at home, I can never do it as good as you did in these pictures. Did you take classes or something?

  7. It can be tricky but all I can offer is that it takes a lot of practice and patience.

    I also follow Karen Tack's books: Hello, Cupcake! and What's New Cupcake?

    I never took classes, I'm just a visual learner :)

    Thanks for the compliments!