Nov 12, 2010

Cute Care Bear Cake for a Cute Kid

Care Bear birthday cake for a sweet 3 year old girl.  All made up with gluten-free butterscotch caramel cupcakes and white buttercream.  The goal was to make a cake that resembled Care Bear land, a.k.a. Care-a-lot.
Adorned with rainbow candy stripes, yellow/red candy hearts, red hard candy hearts, purple fondant flowers and candy cane poles.  The care bears were the only non-edible item - each about 2 inch high toy that she could keep and play with afterward.

Love-a-lot bear.  I also used cupcake stackers to create layers and for the rainbow slides.

 Friend bear and behind her, Share bear.

 Cheer bear and Wish bear.

 Funshine bear and Bedtime bear ... there were eight care bears in total on the cake.

 It's a care bear army!

Happy Birthday Autumn


  1. You have just reminded me how much I love care bears! I feel some care bear toppers coming on, I think your display look just like care bear land, I love it x

  2. Thank you! It was a fun "cake" to make :)


  3. Sarah, what can I say to best describe my gratitude for your effort and imagination in creating Autumn's awesome 3rd Birthday Cupcake 'cake'?
    The cupcakes were absolutely delicious. I can't tell you how good they were.. in fact, they were better then the year previous and these cupcakes were gluten free!! Toddlers who usually can't eat an entire cupcake had only a crumb left!! Parents loved them, the kids loved them and Autumn's birthday was nearly a month ago and she's still playing with the Care Bears!!
    I'm excited for what next year and future years hold of Autumn's birthday cake! Your cakes give us so much joy, and special memories.. thank you again, my dear friend!
    Lots of love!xoxo

  4. awwww *tear*

    Thank you Krista, am so happy she loves her bears lol, and loved the cake you lots! :)