Nov 19, 2010

Where have all the Flowers Gone ...

From the outdoors they may all be gone as the cold weather hits but indoors there are plenty of flowers to go around - on cupcakes! These vegan chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing are decorated with blue fondant hand-made flowers with silver candy balls; made them for my cousin's birthday. 

The vegan cake was super moist and rich, can't go wrong with chocolate on chocolate! ;)

These red velvet cupcakes with buttercream and off-white fondant on top were made for a wedding.  Each one was topped off with a white fondant, hand-made flower with a gold candy ball.

Can you tell I am a big fan of these cute little flowers? They're so perfect and too cute for decorating, I can't resist, they always add the perfect touch.  These dark beauties were made for Les Coquettes' October shows; devil's chocolate cake with coloured vanilla buttercream and black dark chocolate fondant hand-made flowers with silver candy balls.

Devilishly delicious!


  1. The black ones have outstandingly elegant concept and design and, no doubt, one of the best [decorations] I've ever seen!
    Oh, Sarah, your endless imagination "is leaving me in silence" (to continue the music line from your article's title)! :))

  2. Thank you, such a wonderful compliment :)
    Inspires me to continue and get more creative!