Dec 17, 2010

8 Days 'til Christmas: I Wish I Were Melting ...

... in the hot Summer sun that is! Sadly, I can not be for I am Canadian and am stuck in another cold Canadian Winter.

It's not all bad, the weather gives us the perfect excuse to stay indoors and snuggle with our loved ones.  This melting character was inspired by The Decorated Cookie.

Oh yeah, and these cupcakes, made them for a friend's friend - vegan chocolate cupcake and vegan vanilla buttercream. However, did you know that marshmallows are not vegan? Sad but true. Cross that off the list for next year! 

I drew on the marshmallows using food colouring pens ... it's fun!  The inspiration to draw on my food came from this wonderful cookie site: The Decorated Cookie (yes I plugged them twice, love her site).

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