Dec 3, 2010

Some Cupcake Fans and Friends

Can't believe another year is almost over but what a wonderful year it's been!

Celana, on her wedding day, hers was the first wedding I did this year. They loved the cupcake tower and  I love this picture of her - classic!

My childhood best friend and probably the person I have know the longest (22 years and counting), Ronna, holding up her Christmas cupcake wreaths I gave her last year.

My other amazing best friend Kathryn, on her 30th birthday. I designed for her 30 cupcakes each one representing an element of her.  This one represented California, where she was just about to move to at the time.

Sweet little Autumn enjoying her even sweeter vanilla cupcake on her 2nd birthday. Who can forget the cupcake tower of TV cartoon characters like Dora, Elmo and more.

Alana's wedding, one of my favourite wedding cupcake towers I've made to date. I had the opportunity to use live edible flowers, bright purple, blue and green colours, it was gorgeous - just like the couple on their happy day! (photo by Zaiden)

Sneaking an early taste of the lemon cupcakes at Alana's wedding. (photo by Zaiden)

Autumn's 3rd birthday, a friend enjoying the gluten-free white butterscotch Care bear cupcakes I made. Good strategy - get low to the table, leave nothing behind!

To my family, friends and fans ... Love you all!


  1. Oh my goodness, young lady!! From all of us over here in Cambridge.. We love you too!! By the way, Autumn is still playing with her Carebear's!