Jan 28, 2011

How Time Flies ... January.

A year ago life was very different from today.

A year ago I was entering the an online cupcake competition and won with my tropical cupcakes.

A year ago I baked for my first wedding, Celana and Shaun's and since then having baked for four more weddings.

A year ago I felt like a completely different person, viewed things a little differently but I think today I am a different person, hopefully an even better person then I was. 

A year ago I didn't know three people who may have equally had a hand in changing the course of my life - I met them six months later.

A year ago I was frustrated with a broken heart but today I have been fortunate to be in love again with a wonderful guy and my best friend who I couldn't imagine my life without.

A year ago it's was  bloody ass cold in Toronto, Ontario ... oh wait, yep, it still is.

A year ago I was still living a white-meat and fish eating, cheese-loving, eggs-devouring lifestyle.  Today I live a  vegan lifestyle and have never felt better, healthier and yes, stronger.  So please stop asking me where I get my protein, trust me, I get it.

A year ago I was getting obsessed with my next boxing match and over-worried about when it would be.  Today, still boxing, I am not worried about my next fight, if it comes or if it doesn't, either way I'm good.

A year ago I had only been to 4 continents and was thinking about where my next trip would be.  Today I am planning the trip to my 6th continent.

Did I forget to mention that this is just the surface? This is just a reflection on the month of January - where I was and what I was feeling in 2010 versus how I feel today. A lot can happen in a year!

Don't ever take any moment for grated or discount the things you've done or learned through your life because when you really sit down and reflect on all those things you will realize, wow, I'm awesome. Life is awesome.

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