Feb 18, 2011

Candy Hearts, Cupcakes and Les Coquettes

Candy heart cupcakes and sexy naked people on stage, that's what you'll find at a Les Coquettes burlesque show, at least for their Valentine Show

Vegan Chocolate cupcakes covered in white icing and random candy hearts ... these days they say things like  "email me" or "fax me."  I'm sorry if you fax or email me for a date, you failed! So not romantic.

One of my favourite ones to make and I think one of the most popular to sell out - vegan vanilla cupcakes with buttercream and  cherry red heart lollipop!

The ever popular and sexy bodice cupcake - vanilla with buttercream, fondant, marshmallows and icing.  These babies sold out before the first intermission of the first show!

Vegan chocolate cupcakes with sweet sugar hearts and icing - my favourite :)

It was a fantastic show, as always, so if you missed out be sure to visit their website or Facebook page to learn more for the next one, in June 2011.  The theme: the 80's! ... can't wait to make cupcakes for that one. 


  1. The sweet sugar hearts cuppies are superb! The design is simple yet very beautiful!