Feb 25, 2011

Many Lessons in Baking: Traveling

A couple of years ago I made this pretty cake for my mom for her birthday, it was pretty and despite my little experience I was pleased with the end result.  Doesn't it look pretty here!? Um, yeah ... that was before, before I knew to never, never, never, ever take a flower pot shaped cake topped with flower fondant cupcakes on a train with me to travel about 1.5 hours to the destination.

Did I ever learn the hard way what would happen ...

Needless to say it did NOT end well!  It actually looks as though someone took the "flower pot" cake and smashed it on the ground, haha!

So the very important lesson I learned - stick to cupcakes, just cupcakes! lol ... actually I also learned a thing or two about traveling with my baked goods and have drastically improved the safe arrival of all my baked good deliveries.

In the end it didn't look so pretty anymore but it still tasted delicious and my mom was still happy - the thought really counted, plus have the foresight to take the photos before the destruction helped a lot.

It's my mom's birthday this weekend ... stay tuned next Friday to see her birthday treat for this  year.


  1. Aww! So sad. Poor flower pot. Poor Sarah!

  2. I applaud you for posting it! I posted one of my cakes that fell over. It's so embarrassing when these things happen but our friends and family are never as concerned as we are. And it really helps other decorators learn from our mistakes. So bravo to you for making a lovely cake and extra bravo for posting when it went wrong later. And tons of empathy! :)