Mar 25, 2011

For Something Completely Different ...

I know, this is a blog about cupcakes and I do love making them but sometimes a girl's just gotta venture out and try something totally different.

Green Sushi Dessert

This is totally different and not necessarily a good dessert but it was different and it's for a contest. Dessert Wars contest theme for March was green - using two or more green food ingredients, one traditional and one non-traditional.

The green ingredients I used
  • cucumber
  • green grapes
  • avocado
  • kiwi fruited
  • crushed pistachio
  • yaki sushi nori sheet
Other ingredients:
  • sweet sushi rice
  • agave nectar

The idea was to make sushi in a non-traditional way, to make it as a dessert using fruit.  The idea was good, the plan was good, heck, even the photos turned out pretty good but the rolling part was quite tough and I can't say that I would try it again lol ... however it did taste pretty good.

My lesson: Stick to making cupcakes!

I think for next month I'll have to make a cupcake for this one but it's always fun to exercise my culinary creativity.



  1. Such a great idea!

  2. agave is so versatile! Those are awesome! Good luck with the dessert war!

  3. I know, I love it and use it all the time.

    Thank you!

  4. What a clever and delicious looking dessert sushi! I'm with you on the suahi rolling lol Good luck!