Apr 1, 2011

Egg-cellent April Fool's Day!

Ever since I saw this design in Karen Tack's book, What's New Cupcake? I have been wanting to make them and what perfect timing - April Fool's day!  These eggs-cellent cupcakes almost look like the real thing but much sweeter.

The cupcakes are vegan vanilla cake with vegan icing but the egg shelled cupcakes are made with solid white chocolate (non-vegan).  The opened egg cupcakes are made with white chocolate bits, icing and canned peaches I cut out as the 'yolk' part of the egg,

These mini treat may look eggs-cellent but they were not so eggs-cellent to make! I tried three times making the 'egg shells' - first time too thin, second time combination of too thin but thick top - either way they kept shattering when I removed them from the plastic egg shells.

The third time I finally gave in and just made them solid white, filled the plastic egg shell and was done with it.  Besides who doesn't love solid white chocolate!   I don't know how Karen does it, she truly is the cupcake whisperer and I am merely the grasshopper.


  1. How cute! I had to do a double take!

  2. OMG, this is a crazy-nice idea! :D I really want to see the facial expression of the "egg-lovers"!!! :D Very original, no doubt about it. And you've made them absolutely perfect and realistic-looking. Wonderful, Sarah! As always.
    Have a wonderful April full of good cheer! :))

  3. Thanks V :)

    It was funny, most everyone in my office had to do a double-take, they thought it was real eggs!
    Have a wonderful Spring!


  4. These are amazing! Saving this for next year's April Fools joke!