Apr 8, 2011

Mini Vegan Birthday Cakes

Another birthday, another cupcake, another flower - all vegan!  I've been meaning to buy some dairy-free chocolate for my baking endeavours but never seem to get around to it, so what else does the trick? Carob!

I used carob "chocolate" to make the vegan flowers for these cupcakes.

The cupcake flavour was none other then my ever famous capuchino cupcakes that always seem to win the hearts of cupcake lovers every time they try one.

I know it seems lately that all I have been making are basic cupcakes with icing and flowers but I promise to mix it up soon. Alas, work and school keep this gal super busy with little time to bake or get creative in the kitchen :(

Well ... at least it's FRIDAY!!

  Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Well, Sarah, I seem not not to share the last lines of your post! What you do is never the same and the way you feel about details (always different and always breathtaking) is absolutely brilliant!

    On the topic, I just love the fine blue color and the chocolate flower - fresh and interesting design!

    Have a nice week, Sarah! :)

  2. Have you seen the cupcake book "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"? They have the most amazing recipes! <3 Your cupcake looks so cute! You did such a good job. :)

  3. Hi Elle,

    Yep,I have that's pretty much where I get all my vegan recipes or recipe ideas :)