May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Cupcake Gift Ideas

This weekend is all about mom and this blog entry is for you, for those of you who are stuck thinking up a gift idea for mom this weekend, hopefully these cupcake designs will give you some inspired baking ideas.

For the simply elegant mother: Try a fondant covered cupcake, in case I use red, topped with a simple white flower.

For the mother who loves flowers (maybe all mothers in this case?): Try a rose bouquet or a mixed flower bouquet of cupcakes made with icing and various candy toppings.

For the mother who loves gardening: I got this idea from Karen Tacks book, Hello Cupcake! Using Oreo cookie crumbs, some candy and chocolate toppings you can make some cute and simple vegetable garden cupcakes for mom.

Tomatoes: Boston beam chocolate candies (runts work well also) and icing.
Carrots: Orange Starburst candy and icing.
Lettuce: Green chocolate covered Bran Flakes cereal and green runts candy.

For the mother who loves music: Another pretty and simple design, white fondant covered cupcake with black icing music notes and bar.  Topped with blue icing and a white fondant flower.
For the mother with a flower garden: This idea came from the book Martha Stewart Cupcakes.  Cupcakes topped with icing and pineapple after it's been baked for a few minutes at a low temperature.  The pineapple look like giant flowers!

For mom, cupcakes with her tea: Chai cupcakes with chocolate pair off nicely with coffee or tea!

For the mother who wants to let loose: For something a little more fun, try turning mom's favourite drink into cupcakes! In this case we have strawberry daiquiri cupcakes with strawberry icing, candy lime and a fresh cut strawberry. (For added effect I served these in bar glasses stuffed with pink tissue paper).

Happy Mother's Day
to all the amazing mothers out there!


  1. love all these ideas. thanks for sharing. I've got some ideas of my own after visiting the candy isle in the supermarket yesterday.

  2. Love them all! But my favourite is photo n2 :-) so beautiful!