May 13, 2011

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over my Blog!

I started baking vegan a few months bake, maybe around September because since then I have slowly but surely become vegan myself taking the full plunge this new year.  Since then, when I tell people I bake vegan I often get the same questions, besides the obvious, 'how can you bake vegan?' I most often get How can you bake without eggs? or better yet How can vegan cupcakes taste good without butter?

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Believe me when I say that vegan baking is so easy and delicious and that in fact, I would argue, vegan cupcakes are better tasting then any dairy or egg-filled cupcake I have ever tried.  As long as you have the right ingredients and the right book it's easy to get started.

So how did I get started? Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World was a great little book given to me by my best-friend after many frustrating occasions trying to veganize my cupcake recipes.  Now that I have the experience with this book I have found it much easier to adapt almost any recipe to be vegan.

The very first cupcakes I made vegan from this book were Toasted Coconut in 2009 while visiting my friend in California.  It took me nearly a year to get back into vegan baking but I did it, love it and will never look back!

My advice to any beginner vegan baker - find a recipe book that suits you, it could be this one or any others you find and start baking! Start experimenting and testing out what "milk" you like using or different types of sugar like agave or maple.

If you know of and can suggest any  great vegan baking recipe books please let me know, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. wow it is the first time I saw this blog and browse your amazing creation of cupcakes I can say it is amazing, specially the one that is for mothers day too beautiful to eat =) I am want to create those too I will be a fan of your cupcake for now on.
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  2. Thank you, much appreciated! :)


  3. Hi Sarah-Lyn!
    Here's the cookie version of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I've only seen this in Amazon and not in the book shelves yet. I guess I'd have to wait awhile :)

    Happy Cupcaking,

  4. Thanks Akiko!

    I have actually used the book, I checked it out of the library and love it but I didn't bake enough cookies to buy it ... but it's definitely on my shopping list :)