Jun 17, 2011

80's Revival + Les Coquettes = Sexy Fun Cupcakes!

I promised you more 80's revival cupcakes and here they are, from the June 12th Les Coquettes show, complete with more fun prints, stars and cute bustiers. Top photo: Vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan vanilla icing and fondant stars (background, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing and bubble gum topper).

Chocolate cupcakes, lime green vanilla icing, pink/yellow and pink/blue fondant stars - delicious!

Jem inspired 80's cupcakes (from left to right): Jem herself inspired by her wicked flashy belt, made with fondant.  Next we have a star because let's face it Jem was a HUGE 80's star in the eyes of little girls everywhere. Finally, a cupcake inspired by one of the Misfits funky outfits, also made with fondant.

You can't have an 80's burlesque show without some sexy bustier cupcakes! Here's a green-blue bustier made with fondant, marshmallows and icing.

With my food colouring pens I was able to draw some funky animal prints on the fondant bustiers.

A leopard print for La Minouche, the Mistress of ceremonies and one hot mama!

Cute bustiers and cute boobie pasties for the ladies.

For some reason when I think of the 80's (perhaps because I was a child) I think of bright colours and big stars so here are a few more!

Prince inspired cupcakes

When we think of singers of the 80's a few good ones come to mind like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cindi Lauper, Paula Abdul and of course, Prince! Who can forget Purple Rain ... plus the Les Coquettes' own Dew Lily put on a hilariously sexy Prince performance.

For more info on their next upcoming October 2011 show
please visit their website.

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