Jul 15, 2011

Wedding Cupcakes for Every Season

Wedding season is upon us but really, any season is a great reason for a wedding! Nowadays, cupcake towers as wedding cakes are a popular way to go and a trend that seems to be growing quickly.  So, I thought I would share with you some of the wedding cupcakes I have done over the last couple of years and suggest that if: a- you like cupcakes, b - are getting married, c - have allergies or are vegan then contact me!

- SL

Spring Wedding: Lemon cupcakes and lemon icing (non-vegan) and organic edible flowers.  Spring or Summer wedding cakes are a great time of year to utilize the many growing and available edible flowers.

This cupcake, though made for a Summer wedding would also be lovely for a late Spring wedding.

Summer Wedding: Pictured below are some Summer wedding cupcakes I did, three varieties: chocolate, angel food cake and toasted coconut (all non-vegan).  The deep red colour I think could also work well for Fall or Winter weddings.

Brightly coloured icing or accents would be a lovely contrast to silver or white in the Summer wedding cakes.

Fall Wedding: These red velvet, fondant covered cupcakes (pictured above - non-vegan) were perfect for an Autumn wedding.  Simple and elegant with a single fondant flower.

Fall Wedding: Though the cupcakes above were made for this Summer with edible flowers the colours and flavour combination, I think, would be fantastic for Fall.

Winter Wedding: My first wedding cupcakes ever and made for a winter wedding; the deep purple colour was a lovely choice for January.  I added pearl and silver candies for some added elegance.

If you have a wedding, engagement or party coming up why not sweeten the food table with some yummy cupcakes!


  1. Those last are beautiful and the red one too!

  2. Thank you very much Miss Lou :)


  3. They are so pretty, I love that you have decorated them with edible flowers too!