Aug 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Cupcakes ... Yes, More Flowers

It's a cupcake photo gallery day today!

And tonight's gallery features cupcakes baked and decorated by me and my niece for one of my best friends birthday tomorrow, as a gift from us.

The results - some fun, very creative, sugar-filled, candy-covered angel food cake cupcakes (yes, unfortunately they are not 100% vegan).  However, angel food cake is her favourite cupcake flavour, so it was the obvious choice for the birthday girl.

In the gallery we have ...

My sunflower cupcake.

My wild arms flower cupcake.

A few simple but pretty little flowers on top of these cupcakes covered in raspberry vegan icing.

My nieces fire flower cupcake.

Both of our favourites, decorated by my niece, her swirl and twirl flower.

And finally, some very festive and cute cupcakes made by my niece - adorned with my best-friend's first name initial.

Happy Birthday Ronna!

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