Mar 25, 2011

For Something Completely Different ...

I know, this is a blog about cupcakes and I do love making them but sometimes a girl's just gotta venture out and try something totally different.

Green Sushi Dessert

This is totally different and not necessarily a good dessert but it was different and it's for a contest. Dessert Wars contest theme for March was green - using two or more green food ingredients, one traditional and one non-traditional.

The green ingredients I used
  • cucumber
  • green grapes
  • avocado
  • kiwi fruited
  • crushed pistachio
  • yaki sushi nori sheet
Other ingredients:
  • sweet sushi rice
  • agave nectar

The idea was to make sushi in a non-traditional way, to make it as a dessert using fruit.  The idea was good, the plan was good, heck, even the photos turned out pretty good but the rolling part was quite tough and I can't say that I would try it again lol ... however it did taste pretty good.

My lesson: Stick to making cupcakes!

I think for next month I'll have to make a cupcake for this one but it's always fun to exercise my culinary creativity.


Mar 18, 2011

Blue Birthday Lovelies

March birthday cupcakes: Vegan chocolate cake, vegan vanilla icing tinted blue with white chocolate fondant flowers (non-vegan).

Chocolate and Blue, always a gorgeous combination.

And the cutest dog ever ...

Miss Scarlet on St. Patty's day!

Note: She hated doing this and it was only done after my boyfriend and I thought it would be a cute and funny idea, and it was, for us lol ...she was so not impressed.

Mar 11, 2011

Roses, Tango, Love Hearts ... Cupcakes.

Lovely rose and chocolate vegan cupcakes, designed and made for my sister's studio party.  The theme: Love, Tango and Hearts. I made vegan dark chocolate cupcakes with vegan icing (rose coloured) topped off with licorice hearts and silver candy balls. OlĂ©!

The Galleria ...

The Three amingos

Mar 4, 2011

Mom's Birthday: More Flowers, New Twist

My mother loves flowers, just loves them, all kinds! So, every year I do my best to come up with a new flower designed cake/cupcakes for her birthday,  This year I kept it sweet, simple and small.

The heart shaped cake and mini cupcakes are made of vegan red velvet cake and coloured vegan icing.

The Design: I wanted to create a rose garden, using mini pink cupcakes as the roses and the heart-shaped cake as the base or green "grass" which was created with piping tip #133 - grass tip.

The size was just right, enough for all of us (about 6 of us) to enjoy but not overload on and my mother loved the design.  She was happy!

Happy Birthday Mom!