Mar 2, 2012

January Showers bring February Flowers?

Well at least it does our home, through with the moderate Winter we have been having we probably could have real flowers outside soon, but in this case I'm talking about cupcake flowers. Special cupcake flowers for my wonderful mother's 60th birthday. She loved it!

 Orange candy clay daisies, mini yellow candy clay flowers and red gum drop roses.

 Pink candy clay flower, red gum drop roses and green licorice stems.

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!


What's Baking?? said...

They are beautiful! Happy Birthday to your mom!

the authentic nut said...

Very pretty!! :)

The Baking After Twilight Blognicles said...

That looks amazing!

Sarah-Lyn said...

Thank you very much!! I love making cupcake bouquets!


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