Feb 17, 2012

Love is Always Sweeter with Cupcakes

These are my heavenly vegan vanilla cupcakes for Les Coquettes Valentine's show: Salvation.  The love theme of heaven and hell was a challenge to recreate with cupcakes but so much fun to do.

Making the "angel" wings with white and and pink chocolate candy clay.  I am loving candy clay, it is so easy to make, easy to work with and tastes way better then fondant.  Almost all recipes will call for corn syrup but I like to use rice or agave syrup.  It's a little more natural and tastes just as sweet.

 Angel hearts

Heavenly roses on vanilla iced cupcakes.

And we of course can't have heaven without hell because frankly, for anyone who's been in love they can certainly agree that sometimes it feels like you're suffering through both. 

However, it doesn't always have to be a bad thing.  Take for instance these devilishly dark chocolate cupcakes, though they may have been inspired by hell with hell fires and all, I can assure you they tasted heavenly sweet.

Devil hearts

And sometimes love can be a bitch leaving you with a a broken heart.  But never fear! Broken-hearted, single and want to surround yourself with beautiful sexy people who make you feel special? Then I know just the spot! Les Coquettes Speakeasy series is one now and if you haven't seen this wonderful troupe put on one of their fabulous show then you my friends, are seriously missing out.  They are a fantastic crew of sexy, talented young men and women who always leave you feeling satisfied and yet, still wanting more.

And now Torontonians, you can get more of the Les Coquettes, three times more each month, as they will be performing more shows throughout the year, which also includes a dinner menu option.

For more infomration about them visit their website: www.lescoquettes.com

Feb 3, 2012

Not just Cupcakes, Oh My!

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful privilege of receiving an advanced copy of Karen Tack’s latest book, Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh My!  Similar to her earlier books – HelloCupcake! & What's New, Cupcake? The latest one certainly does not fail to please.  The creativity and innovative food decorating ideas will tantalize and surprise you at every turn.  Going beyond just cupcakes, Tack extends her creative talents to include cookies, pie, rice krispie, and cake projects, and not excluding any combination thereof.

The great thing about most of the designs in this book is that they are pretty straightforward and simple to recreate. It might however, take a steady hand and lots of patience to get through many of the projects, especially if you’re not an experienced decorating. Regardless of that this book provides a lot of easy to follow instructions and short ‘how-to’ guides, from everything to working with chocolate to learning how to utilize a variety of candy and even how to make your candy or toppings.  If you’re a visual learner, this book is for you, as it is filled with vibrant fun photos of every project and step-by-step diagrams.

One of my favourite things about this book is simply, flipping through the pages.  The fun, creative designs are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  My only issue, when actually doing a project from any of her books really, is that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right ingredients.  Yes, that can be frustrating but the beauty of her designs is that they don’t have to be replicated perfectly.  There’s lots of room to feel inspired, to take an idea and add a new spin to it.  A good example would be my Chinese New Year’sDragon.  Whereas her dragon design looks much more fierce, mine looks, well, kind of goofy.

Either way, I had fun with it and I look forward to having more fun trying out other projects including some of my favourites, the sock monkey cupcakes, the high heel shoe cupcakes and the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ cupcakes …okay, so I’m still focusing too much on cupcakes.  That will change, soon enough.

Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, OhMy! Available January 31, 2012 – includes dozens of new original and highly imaginative decorating ideas that will surely blow your mind away. It did mine!  So if you’re an amateur or an expert, or just anyone who loves to combine a love for baking with artistic talent this book is for you.