Jun 22, 2013

Mooooore Cake: Chocolate Ombre Cake ... sort of

My attempt at making a chocolate based ombre cake.  Since ombre everything is all the craze right now and has been for a while, I figured it was high time that I tried it.  I tried it.  Didn't quite turn out as I had hoped.  Next attempt: vanilla cake with dyed to create a gradient.  I think that will work much better.  At least the cake still tasted delicious!


  1. Mmmh, looks soooo good...! <3

  2. This looks delicious! Did you use various amounts of cocoa powder then to change the colour?


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  4. I love strawberries! I've never had Ombre cake with strawberries before, I guess it’s time to try it! Thanks for the lovely share Miss Sarah..
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